What Game Did You Play Today?


The new Kirby game got a demo. It’s probably going to be as fun as Return to Dreamland, but it was kind of a clusterfuck to play at times. I think the amount of graphical and particle effects are kinda working against the four-player mechanic.


I started playing Rainbow 6 Siege, and it is a blast I usually went with cs go for this type of game. Siege is great, the games are much much faster and every operator you can pick has very distinct skills and there are many many operators. Lots of fun.


FFXV on pc is a blast. If you have the horsepower, the high res pack really sets it off. Completely revamped combat system makes it fast and furious.


Bought and have been playing Far Cry 5 for the past couple days. My impressions so far (about 3/4’s the way through it I think)

It’s way good. The game play is familiar, but updated. The graphics are amazing, and the map is gorgeous, huge, and diverse. It’s funny, but I absolutely love the fishing, and I even get the same sense of peace while fishing that I used to get when I fished with my grandpa on his boat. The side missions are all fun so far, and I haven’t really run into TOO many bugs or glitches. There is one where if you complete an objective and move away before being given a new location to move to, you sometimes will have to do it again. But it’s only happened twice now.

Anyways, the addition of attack choppers and planes is super nice, and the driving is way better than the others. The flight vehicles handle a bit wonky, but nothing that practice doesn’t fix. They got rid of crafting, which I miss. They also got rid of the knife takedown, so it’s all fists/whatever melee weapon you’ve picked up (you hold 3, pipes, bat’s, brass knuckles, and variations of those). They’re breakable, but I have yet to break anything.

Also, the antagonists are the best I’ve seen since Vaas. Better even, imo. The silent protagonist thing is meh, and the fact you’re unnamed is meh, but they’re little things I can look past.

I give it a strong 8/10. I’m really looking forward to the DLC.


Beat the game. What the fuck kinda bullshit ending though. Either ending. Seriously, the game was fun throughout, the villains were awesome, and it just ends so… It’s still a strong 7 or 8/10, but it’s just… It’s like a Mass Effect 3 kinda ending, except I don’t like this one as much.

Edit: Final rating is 6/10. I spent good money on the collectors edition and no matter what I’ve tried, I can’t access any DLC. At least I gotta cool coffee mug. If I gain access, I may raise it again.


I had been wanting to play FOR HONOR, but all the reviews on pc said the servers were awful. Not too long ago they switched over to dedicated so I decided to pick it up, there was a LOT more than I was expecting. I thought it would mostly be 1v1 type scenarios but with more freedom to move around. There is that, buy really 1v1 is not really where everyone is at. That have a few different game modes. Dominion, which is a 4v4 with 3 control points. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Conan the barbarian? or Braveheart? Wading into the field as an ultimate badass is a hell of a lot of fun. There are bots to populate the area, they are more or less just fodder. The team play part of it is a lot of fun as well. There are many different outfits, several different armor and weapon slots for upgrades. There is a mode to play where you can battle other people and weapon stats and armor stats are null so its even across the board. Or modes where you play and all your stats are basically run whatcha brung. The only gripe I have about the weapon and armor system is that it takes a lot of “grinding” to get to the good stuff. There is the REP system, which is like prestige in cod games. Not until you reach Prestige 7 does everything open up to you. Each prestige goes up to level 20. 30 hours in and I’m REP 2.

I grew up playing games like Soulblade/caliber-Street fighter and Tekken series, I thought I would pick this up np and hold my own. This was not the case, at all. There is absolutely a learning curve, harder than most games to pick up. Beating my head against my desk constantly wondering what it is I’m doing wrong. But once you learn the character you pick and find your groove, it becomes an amazing experience. For me the game is a solid 8/10. You will have to put in a good amount of time to really learn the system, if you stick it out, its really rewarding.


Far Cry 5, and Ghost Recon Wildlands, both of which I’ve abandoned for Black Mesa again.
This keeps on happening.


The Shantae games have been on my radar for a little while now. They went on sale in the Humble Spring Sale, so I grabbed a couple. I finishedShantae: Risky’s Revenge today, and dove into Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse directly afterwards.

The games are exactly what I’d heard they were: really competent, really polished, bright and fun action platformers. Risky’s Revenge, which I guess is the second one in the series (the first one, just called Shantae, I couldn’t find anywhere), was a really cute, fun platformer, the only problem being that the select button in menus was bound to the B button on my 360 controller, and I couldn’t rebind it to A without unbinding A from jump? Weird, and really frustrating to navigate menus when A for select and B for back is so ingrained in my muscle memory.

There was some great music in the game, too. This track in particular took me back to playing Cave Story for the first time:


Pirate’s Curse is so far just improving on Risky’s Revenge (A button is select!), though I’m not very far into it yet.


In a moment of weakness, I bought Celeste and Iconoclasts in the summer sale. Normally I would wait for them to get a lot cheaper, but I’m excited for these two in particular.

Got started on Iconoclasts, After working around an obnoxious issue. This game is great. I wish I could switch the shooting and melee buttons on my controller without also having to switch the “back” button in menus (melee/back are tied to the same key), because it’s a lot more natural for me to have melee on X and shooting on B, but not if it means back in menus is going to move to X. That’s a minor complaint though. Loving the game otherwise.


Fortnite. Been playing a lot of it lately. It’s actually a lot of fun, if only I didn’t suck at shooters.

Slowly getting better though and learning how each of the weapons handle, and it’s a lot more fun with friends.


Update on Iconoclasts: Jesus Christ, this game is fucking brutal. The characters keep doing really horrible, fucked up things to each other.

  • Elro and his family were locked in his house to await death by a machine that comes up out of the ground and basically mulches them and the house.
  • Mina stuck Agent White full of seeds, who then died when a tree exploded out of him.
  • Royal trapped the Silver Watchman underwater and drowned him.
  • Agent Black ripped off Elro’s arm and then prepared to continue torturing him to death before you intervened.
  • Elro injected Agent Grey with a chemical solution that made her swell up and explode, drenching Agents Black and White in her fluids.

And I’m only about halfway through! This game looks way too cute for this shit. I love how fucked up and conflicted all of the characters are.

I’ve got some issues with some of the gameplay choices, but I’m loving the story and storytelling so far. It’s giving me Cave Story flashbacks.


I got Captain Toad on Switch.

It’s very cute and a really fun puzzle. Very much a pick-up for a few minutes type of game.


Got gifted No Man’s Sky to play with a friend. It looks nice (posted one or two to the screenshot thread) but it suffers from the usual open world fatigue where you find yourself saddled with a plethora of inconsequential tasks, not to mention the bugs.
I’m huge into sci-fi so the ships and planets and aliens and whatnot are right up my alley but I don’t know if i’ll stick with it through all the tedium.

I was thinking of trying out the Yakuza 0 port. I’m not into fighting games but the whole Japanese soap opera aesthetic looks fun to me.


Made another game at a Game Jam this weekend, this time on ‘No More Sweden’ in Malmö.


After five years, total conversion mod Half-Life: Echoes is available for download[/size]




I’m playing Hollow Knight.

The new DLC appears to be… boss rushes. :frowning: I was really hoping for something more interesting.


Played through and beat the Mass Effect Trilogy these past couple weeks.

I absolutely love this series. But I hate that every time I play through it, I always find it hard to play anything else afterwards cause I’m still absorbed in it and haven’t found a series that really… Captures me like this does.


I Still have not finished 3. Also just scratched the surface on 4. Did you play through with the original versions or did you add the graphic enhancement mods? If so, how did it look?


I added the mods on one of my playthroughs before, but my most recent was done on my old Ps3. For old times sake. The visual mods available really make the whole series pop, and gives it that tiny bit extra immersion imo that it needed to totally absorb me. But something about playing it on my old PS3, which is what I used first to beat it, just brings back all the nostalgia of me beating it the first time when I was a teenager.

And yeah, people bitch about 3’s endings but honestly, I loved them. The Extended Cut was nice to flesh everything out, but overall, I still liked the ending when it originally came out.

And Andromeda was… OK. It doesn’t have the same charm imo, but as a game it’s OK and with updates has gotten better. I just wish they had put the main team on it, so that we’d have hopes for continuation. It was pretty obvious that the little team they used was recycling ideas from its successes in the trilogy, but they weren’t putting much of a spin to it.

However, gameplay wise it’s still good. And Male Ryder has a halfway decent VA at least, even if Female Ryder was just plain awful.

I keep holding out hope that they’ll remaster the trilogy with all the DLC for current gen/PC as a definitive experience. They’d make money off it imo.


Isaac Rebirth has been the only PC game I’ve played for a while (beyond SADX modding shenanigans), and I just beat Mega Satan on Hard with Lazarus, one of the last completion goals I’ve had, so I might finally put down the game for a wh-

god fucking damn it edmund