What Game Did You Play Today?


Hollow Knight.

Bloody loving it. I love metroidvanias as a general thing but this one is really really good.


Fucking what!? I’ve never actually tried Antibirth; I was waiting for it to support Afterbirth+. This is amazing.

Such a good game. Do yourself a favor and try to figure out the story yourself before you look it up.


edmund is a benevolent god, always blessing us with content and more chances to get 100% completion :^)

Antibirth is fantastic, it was genuinely on par with Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ as DLC, but as a free mod, if not better than both.
It’s cool to know Kilburn (the head developer of Antibirth) now works and Nicalis, and will actually get to see his work made official.

edit: oh also I’ve been playing Agents of Mayhem.
Pre-ordered it, realized it didn’t have multiplayer. Never played it. Started it a few days ago. Enjoying it so far more than SR4 (although I personally dislike SR4 so that’s not a surprise).


Will do. I’m not really understanding it very well so far but there has been some reference to an ‘infection’.

I’m really sad about that little mining bug that seems to have become one of the hostiles. She was so adorable and singing and then I guess slowly lost her mind. Then she tried to kill me :frowning:


Skyrim special edition


My son Isaac just freaked. Thanks Edmund. Now I am NEVER getting on the computer again. :s igh:


heh, it’s a real game


My son originally wanted it solely because it was his name. :* :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Playing Celeste. It’s super good.


I’ve started working on a co-op port of the Heart of the Swarm campaign, which will play similar to my Wings of Liberty co-op port.

Also playing lots of Warhammer Total War.


Halfquake Trilogy, three Half-Life modifications with 15 hours of gameplay, available for free on Steam[/size]



fuck u


I’m currently playing the “Only 30 minutes left before I go home from work”, it’s not a very fun game.


Forza Horizon 4 is fun if you can ignore the avatars and emotes and just race around the beautiful UK countryside.
I’m also pushing Lara Croft around and watching her die a lot in Shadow.


Soul Calibur 6 on pc… ITS AMAZING. Takes me back to the original Soul Blade and then Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast. Soooooo many hours spent playing those games with friends. The last couple of games in the series were not so great, imo. 6 is certainly a return to form. I’ve played just about every fighting game over the years, the Soul Calibur series has always been one of my favorites. On my rig it runs like butter at max settings. It looks incredible, there is a lot going on and man is it FAST. Not many fighting games around that are melee weapon based, I’ve seen people have been struggling with frame rates online, I’ve not really experienced any problems with the net code, in about 20 matches, ive had maybe 2 frame hiccups. The net code will just get better, so if you are looking for something a little different, yet competitive, this is a great choice.


Second playthru of Hollow Knight now that all the free DLC is out.


Downloaded a mod for C&C Tiberian Sun. „Twisted Insurrection“ is pretty awesome! I‘m on mission 13 on the GDI campaign and up until now it has been rather challenging but fun! Feels like a proper C&C game, albeit without the cheesy cutscenes. Mission 13 however had me cringing a lot. You have to protect 10 super slow convoys while constantly being assaulted from all sides. It‘s super frustrating at first and there‘s a lot of R‘n‘R. Had to watch a couple of playthrough to get an idea of a decent tactic. Could‘ve skipped the mission (all missions are available from the start) but I‘m kinda determined to pull through.
Anyway, awesome mod, lot of polish! Definite recommendation for any rts-fan.


youtube.com/watch?v=baBl99E … e=youtu.be

F.E.A.R. - First Encounter Assault Retrospective[/size]

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I’ve been playing Hyper Light Drifter, which I got in one of the latest Humble Bundles. It’s awesome.