What on Earth (Or Xen) happened to the Black Mesa wiki?

There used to be an extensive wiki for the Black Mesa mod, which I remember using as a resource back in 2012 and earlier. I attempted to look something up on it only to find that it seems to have vanished (at least from the former domain at wiki.blackmesasource.com), with nobody able to access it since 2017. Oddly enough, very few people seem to have brought this up? I found a vague reference in early 2017 saying that it might be being reworked, but it seems to have been radio silence since then.

Is the wiki completely gone? These forums still have a subforum for wiki bugs, which seem off if so. Is the wiki somewhere else? Or if not, isn’t this an issue that should be addressed, if this entire game doesn’t have a community wiki resource (and all of the effort put into the wiki is gone!)?

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I am pretty sure we wont be seeing the wiki anymore. I am not sure why, but it is what it is.

Dang, kinda miss the wiki. I used to read the Dev Blog section because I was interested in how they made the maps. Raminator’s entries on Blast Pit’s development got me into mapping.

The wiki is up, but the only entries present there are for the Characters and Locations.

I miss raminator and wish he would pop back in somewhere to offer up a wassup. But yeah, he had some good info.

I managed to find a working copy of the wiki using the Internet Archive:


Oh man this is nostalgic:

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NICE!!! Folks… save it to your favs cuz I really dont think this is coming back anytime soon.

I miss reading the development blogs in the wiki.