What was your FIRST game on PC?


Hey guys, I’m new to the forum so I’m not sure if this topic has been posted before.

What was the very first PC game you played??
Mine was Half Life! :freeman:


Rage’s Incoming and Fallout. Two of them at the same fucking time, bitch.


Doom 2. I spent hours on that game but never beat it. (I was young at the time so yeah.) First PC game I ever beat was half life. close second was Roller Coaster Tycoon and Warcraft 2.


Watch out. both at the same time, that’s skill.


Not counting all those ridiculous preschooler games I played when I was insanely young, I played C&C Red Alert 2 as my first PC game.

Actually C&C RA2 was pretty much THE game that got me into gaming in general.


Quake 1. I didn’t even notice the graphics back then, just felt like the monitor was a window into another world…

Good times.

Also I’m not really sure what my first RTS was, I remember playing Starcraft, RA2, and Tiberian Sun around relatively the same time. I used to build walls. Walls everywhere, around every thing I could.


Doom 2. I remember watching my brother play it for a while. Never actually beat it myself though, just noclipped through the levels on godmode (I was like 7 or 8 years old).


I think Wolfenstein 3D was my first one, but I didn’t get really into PC gaming until I spent some time with Half-Life.


I got to the last boss and could never beat it. Never understood was required of me. I just kept shooting the spawning mobs.


Incoming sure had a bombass soundtrack:


Redline Racer and G-Police.


Mine was I think a Star Wars game that I’ve played when I was 3 (I remember that I needed to get out of the Death Star with a ship). Then Tomb Raider (2, 3, 4 and 5) were the games that I most remember of.


Roller Coaster Tycoon!! that is actually a pretty good game!

Thinking back, that’s how I felt too.

BTW: Did anyone here have Xfire back in the day? haha


captain comic
dark ages

first game I actually bought was an X-Wing game


Space Quest

classic adventure gaming FTW


Probably something like Testris or Chip’s Challenge or another game from one of the Windows Entertainment Packs.

I also played Wolf3D and Doom when I was pretty young, school friend’s older brother had shareware copies.


Half-Life 2, I never really thought of using a PC for gaming until I played this and some mods for it, then I realized how f’ed over I was as a console gamer having to pay for online mp and other functions that were better and free on PC. It made me stop console gaming for almost a year and I almost sold my xbox just to upgrade my PC even more, then I remembered the exclusives and snapped out of it.


MDK. I loved that game back then and I love right now.


Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight


^ that was actually my second fps