What was your FIRST game on PC?


Apple Panic


My very first game on PC was Quake 2.


Gorillas on my uncles PC, then A incredible machine then a whole slew of lucasarts adventure games, and C&C and Worms 2.


Hmm, once again not including preschool games (some Apple 2e basic math games or whatever) My first game was either Heretic or Wolfinstein.

Some of my favorite early games were Heroes of Might and Magic 2, Road Rash, and Unreal Tournament.


It was a game about a dude in a jetpack(It was called jet pack) Obviously I will never find it again, since it was in 1998.


Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. I got hooked unto the game’s (Offline) multiplayer. I have very fond memories of it… Reminds me of the time I beat Tavion/Dessan with the force and guns, somehow.

Anyways, I am now 100% certain I made an account prior to the crash of 2009. I recall specifically posting about this some time before I had to make an account. I’ve always thought that I might have been wrong because I re-discovered this mod about three times, but now I’m certain I was here pre-crash.

EDIT: Hurp Derp I got my age wrong.


Either Quake or Pajama Sam at the earliest I can remember. I also remember Diablo II: Lord of Destruction in there, too.


oh shit guys. anyone remember the zoombinis? that game was badass


I don’t know. A game I remember playing was Rayman: Gold, but I’m sure I’ve played other games before that.


First games I had came with the computer (16MHz 286 with 1MB RAM and a 20MB HDD).
Lemmings (never could get through Mayhem)
Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D : Spear of Destiny
Scorched Earth
Prince of Persia


incredible Machine was a fun game too, I don’t count it as one of my firsts though since it was on a school machine at the time. But I beat every puzzle it had


The first I can remember is Frogger. We had discs with a bunch of old (at the time) games on them.


Gotta be honest here, i did play lemmings before half life, but i did not count it because i only had a demo or something. lol


The first game I actually remember playing I can’t actually remember the name of. It was MS DOS, IIRC, and it was somewhat similar to lode runner…

But the first PC game that I can REMEMBER playing (without a disc) was Hover.

The next game I remember playing with a disc was Zoo Tycoon with both expansions. CHRIST I loved that game. Recently got it again (love you, Internet) and it’s just like I remember it. Nostalgia leaking everywhere.


Anyone remember TankWars?


Who doesn’t? I loved TankWars. First played it at a friend’s house. Can’t remember if I won any games, but if my memory serves me right, I got my ass romped.


I remember my first computer games being a lot of those shovelware PC games for kids you always see in Target and Staples and such. The first game I really remember playing a lot on PC was the PC port of Virtua Cop 2 (For some reason, it goes by the name Virtua Squad 2 on PC). I remember not having a gun to use, and being annoyed by having to use a mouse. Thus, I wasn’t very good at it, but I definitely played it a lot!


Prince Of Persia. Took me ages to beat that game.
First videogame though was Simon´s Quest. It´s a miracle I continued after that piece of shit.


Chip’s Challenge for me, too. Along with Rodent’s Revenge and Jezzball and Skifree, and the other Windows Entertainment Pack stuff.

I remember desperately wanting that game but I my PC was too bad to run it. :frowning:


i don’t even remember my first “PC Game”. All i know is that it was on a Commodore64. AfterBurner is the firste i can remember the name of. i also had some Sesame Street games and another series of educational games i played called “Sticky Bear”. Don’t Google it though.

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