What was your FIRST game on PC?


Quake 2 on my friend’s PC. Before that mostly played Genesis, then PS1 (including its version of Q2, which is quite awesome), had no PC 'till 2000.


First game on PC… wow, that’s a hard one… I’m almost certain it was “Spider-Man Cartoon Maker” because that’s the first one I remember playing on PC.


The very first I can not quite remember, but it might just have been Age of Empires 2. I got that on a CD along with a bunch of other games someone on my father’s job had downloaded, back before that was actually a crime.
Other games I remember from the same CD (or at least the same time, it’s hard to remember) are Rayman 2, Red Alert 2, Lego Racers 1 and 2 and Frogger 2.

Also, just pointing out the fact that I’m ignoring shitty “educational” “games” and weird Swedish games. Like the one I got for free from a clothing store chain.


Star Raiders…It was run on its own “PC” an Atari 400…



Doom, thief, and Rainbow six all at once… then the jumpstart series.


Yeah, I did random educational ones like Madeline maths LOL


Wow, do I feel old…:’(

The first (IBM or clone)PC game I remember playing was Zork. The first computer game I played was a game I wrote on a TRS-80 model III (48k, and had a single sided 120k 5.25 inch floppy drive). The first commercial computer game I played was either Telengard (VIC-20/C-64) or a graphical version of the old Mainframe Star Trek, but I don’t remember what it was called. I do remember that it was on cassette tape… :smiley:


I got one for you all. When was about 3-4-5-ish (don’t really remember), my grandfather received a game from my uncle (a very revolutionary one for the time I might add) and decided to show it to me without realizing what kind of game it was. Guess what it was?

And nothing’s been the same since then…


Mine’s boring. I was about 3 and I got to play a jungle game where you learned about rainforests.


i was 5 or just 6 years old, when i played my first pc game, and first game ever, X-Com: UFO Defence, and then warcraft 2: tides of darkness shortely thereafter


Battlefield 1942… I wish the series stayed true to this guy, ever since then the quality has been degrading :confused:


Doom was the first i ever played.