What You Get When You’re Named "Gordon Freeman"

Guy named Gordon freeman in australia has got an pressent from gabe… and something with a 3 in it


His Twitter:

Pics or didn’t happen.


Such a lucky guy…

Looks legit … kinda

If I ever met that guy, I’d remind him to reload.

I’d give him some ammo

screw ammo, give him a friggin crowbar!

he’d take the motherfukkn medkit

I’m going to have to call Bullshit on this on account of the shirt & the lack of proper proof.

The shirt could just be a little joke. I don’t believe it would be past Valve’s humor.

It’s not like they actually gave him Half Life 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Screw the Orange Box he should’ve gave him Half-Life 3, this is Gordon we’re talking about, albeit a much younger whinier non ball dropping version.

So your balls didn’t drop until you were 19?

I would stalk him while wearing a blue suit and carting around a briefcase.

I’d throw a can on the ground and tell him to pick it the fuck up…
Pending on whether he does it or not, I would give him a printed piece of cardboard with an Achievement on it.

He didn’t mention there was a Steam key(!) printed on the tag.

Despite any speculation that may/may not begin and all of that stuff, it would be something else to walk around with that T-Shirt knowing you’re the only one of the only people who has it.

Edit: Oh piss! He got the 360 version. Way to look out for the mascot, Valve.

So “Valve” gives him a physical copy of an Xbox game, then a steam copy of a non-existent game? Sounds both legit & consistent.


I’ll give him my old Dodge Challenger

I’ll follow him around wherever he goes, stop if there’s an elevation higher than 10 cm and randomly press buttons on any ATM’s we pass.