What You Get When You’re Named "Gordon Freeman"


Regardless if this is real or not, I bet there really is someone out there named Gordon Freeman.


he is giving away half-life games so i guess it was just a half-life 2 pack or orange box.


It was a Charger, not a Challenger[/CAR NUT][/SIZE]


You win THIS round…


I’d buy that guy a beer.


He could get an autograph from gordon freeman…

By signing it himself.




I’d throw him supplies from the top of the bridge


that shirt could be legit. there was a valve employee at E3 last year who was wearing the same one. i cant remember where i sore the picture though.

on another note that dude has some serious disco carpet.



And I’m sure there are lots more all around the world.


I would attempt to teleport him out of my lab but the teleport would probably fail due to his notoriously bad luck.


I really like you post, in special Notoriously Bad Luck part. :smiley:


he said shirt was fake, photoshoped, other stuff is real


Wow, if I ever met that guy, I’d tell him that the Combine has turned the streets over to striders this close to the citadel, but there’s a crate of rockets somewhere out there, and I think we can punch through to the citadel wall.

Not sure how the hell we’re gonna breach it, but I’m sure he’ll think of something.


I wonder if that guy is mute too…


Gordon Freeman will me my male son’s name. Chell [REDACTED] will be my daughter’s name.



Also necromancy!