Which chapters of any HL game do you NOT like?

Since we have a thread for chapters we like, I figured I’d be the other side of the coin and rant about stuff that pisses me off about the game.

This is probably where you expect me to talk about Xen being a complete mess. It is, but the game goes downhill earlier than that. I think the decay starts with Lambda Core.

My reasoning for this conclusion is as follows:

  1. The beginning of Lambda Core has you coming in from a rather large fight against Xen Agrunts and HECU soldiers. I walked onto the Lambda Core elevator with around 39 health on Hard difficulty, and there is little to sustain the player at first- the closest heal is the scientist who drew the short straw to open the door for you. What’s between you and him? Black Ops Assassin units and the odd Xen alien. The former are pitted against the player inside an area stacked to claustrophobic effect with crates. Getting to the second floor means the player must break some boxes to clear a path to a stairway up. While the player is doing this, the assassins will run about harassing the player as they try to get their bearings. The Assassins in HL also don’t have the red eye-glow effect like the Black Ops in Black Mesa do, so they’re that much harder to track down and kill. I tend to burn through a lot of grenades and shotgun shells in this area.

  2. The Lambda Core level flow plays out a lot like Blast Pit. To enable the teleporter to Xen, the player must reactivate the pump controls and flood the core manually. This boils down to two large level “bounces,” both of which are positively riddled with Agrunts and Vorts. The verticality of the structure is frequently used against the player in some areas, where the grunts will open fire on the player from above. But their tactics aren’t the problem so much as the sheer amount of these foes. And they all seem to respawn as well!

  3. The flooding of the core sequence and the entire access to the next map make no logical sense. The flow controls for the water once both pumps are on are in the core itself, controlled by valves. Wouldn’t they have some kind of control room where the functions of the core and the regulators for the water amount could be controlled? It makes no sense to put flow controls inside the core proper, because no one would rationally assign personnel to work controls underwater.

  4. THE FUCKING PORTAL AREA. There is one area inside Lambda Core that never fails to piss me off, and that’s the giant circular tower with the Xen portals everywhere. Players have no indication as to where any portal will lead, and a few of them are purpose built deathtraps, seemingly constructed specifically to encourage the player to save scum the fuck out of this poorly constructed pile of shit to get on with the game.

And finally:

  1. The “defend the scientist” sequence while the teleporter warms up is ridiculous. Controllers repeatedly spawn into the map and shoot at both the player and the scientist working the portal controls. The player is given a ludicrous amount of ammunition for this sequence, but there is very little in the way of cover from the repeated onslaught of orange cancer. There’s the four portal arms, and that’s about it in terms of cover. Hopefully this is fixed in BM.

Interloper. Specifically the first part; it kind of soured me on the rest of it because of how horribly dangerous the mouths-that-shoot-you-up-that-you-need-to-use are.

I respect your opinion, and I’m not going to call you an asshole for it. But I think differently. I like every chapter, especially the difficult ones, since they challenge me, and the more annoyed I get by death, the larger is the victory feeling when I manage to do it right.

Ideally, a player should never feel like they’re trial-and-erroring their way through a level, killing themselves multiple times in the process. The mines segment is acceptable since it’s possible to minesweep with explosives and snarks, but the Lambda Core teleport maze has no such excuse.

The teleport maze was head-scratchingly confusing my first time through.

I think it could have benefited from perhaps having more colors and each set of portals share the same color, so that way you could actually tell where a portal would go (since you could look up and see the portal exits)

I really hope BM has changed this puzzle so that it’s still quite a challenge, but it also reward quick thinking as opposed to trial and error.

When I played the game for first time I was 6 year old(My big brother had bought it, and I used to watch him play, and while he wasn’t using the computer I played too). I was so young I loved absolutely everything about it. But I had got stuck in the last part, when I had already killed Nihilanth, because nothing happened, he stayed there floating above my head. I had to destroy those fireballs to finish him, but I didn’t know. So I left the game thinking it was messed up.

When I played again much later, I imagined the game would continue after Xen, and that you would return to the Earth and escape from Black Mesa or something like that. But you didn’t. All those years I spent thinking of how would the game end, and I realised that there was just a suited strange guy talking to me in a spacial tram. So I have to say, I really hate the ending. I would have liked to see something more spectacular than that.

For Half Life 1: On a Rail and We’ve got Hostiles are the most bland levels I can think of. On a Rail was fun, but annoying; We’ve got Hostiles was so visually monotonous that I want to gouge my eyes out whenever I’m on the Chapter. I really don’t like Office Complex, either. I mean, it starts off really well, but it get’s a bit annoying near the end. Residue Processing can be a bit confusing sometimes, but it was fun on the first go, so I guess as I get tired of the game, the fun factor drops and the confusion gets on my nerves a bit more.

All other chapters are amazing for the most part.

Half Life 2: All the chapters were pretty damn amazing, but if I had to pick one I didn’t like as much as the rest, it would probably be Water Hazard; which is odd, because Highway 17 is probably one of my favorite -if not my absolute favorite- chapters.

It has to be residue processing

Residue Processing, Surface Tension and Xen chapters…


We’re talking Half-Life 1 chapters here, and for the record, if a chapter scares you, it’s well done, therefor yuo should love it. But your opinion is yours only.

No were talking about “any HL game”, read the title. :fffuuu:


Also, I would say ‘“We’ve Got Hostiles”’ for One and ‘Water Hazard’ and ‘Sandtraps’ for Two.

I think Ravenholm is one of the best chapters… And the worst, Route Kanal. I didn’t like the idea of killing so much in the first level.

I hated route kanal because the vehicle was horrible. All HL2’s vehicles have the worst fucking handeling.

Ravenholm and parts of Sandtraps. Ravenholm started to drag on a third of the way through and Sandtraps got annoying with the “keep off the sand” gimmick. But breaking into Nova Prospect at the end was an incredible sequence.

Power up and On A Rail for 1, Sandtraps for 2.

Sorry, my mistake. I read too fast.

I’ve never really liked Office Complex very much. It’s just a bland chapter that hasn’t aged very well, although back in 1998, it was a very good showcase for all the new gameplay ideas Valve had pioneered.

Hmmmm I guess I would have to say I didn’t much like Blast Pit. I didn’t hate it, but I couldn’t wait to get past it.
It was a complete pain in the ass for me. I can’t really define why I didn’t much like it. The other would be power up. It served no purpose but to put a cushion between figuring out where you need to go and actually getting to it.
I liked everything from HL2 and its episodes.