Which chapters of any HL game do you NOT like?


Water Hazard wasnt that much fun, the parts where you have to fight helicopters etc is fine, but the rest of it is just plain transportation with low action.
Also, it disturbs me that freeman seems to be stearing all vehicles with his mind rather than hands. I mean, how much trouble could there have been adding the arms in the vehicles?

In HL1 I’d really say the part after Gonarch Lair, what’s the name again?


For me, the most annoying parts have to be the female assassin parts (ANY of them) and the beggining of Lambda Core, also the first half of On A Rail can be boring as fuck if you stick too much on the train
Half Life 2: the “stay off the sand” parts
I really enjoyed Water Hazard and Route Kanal though


There were chapters I liked. I hated some before, but that was by my stupidity. Now, for HL1, Apprehension and Interloper are not cool.

For HL2, Water Hazard. Spent 130 hours there!


I hate getting swarmed by large groups of antlions, mainly because they give me the creeps


For HL1 I’d say On a Rail and the Xen chapters, because they were just kinda boring for me. I also find lambda core to be somewhat annoying, but I think that’s just cause I’m so close to the ending. Kind of like how some City 17 chapters annoyed me in HL2, because I grew weary of fighting and just wanted the ending.


Half life, I really didn’t like Surface Tension that much.
Opposing Force, the last level & boss was real boring.
Blue Shift, meh it was all pretty good.
In Hl2 I really hate Water Hazard, and strongly dislike Highway 17. Don’t like the turret standoffs and the citadel that much either.
I really hated going back to the Citadel in Ep1, especially if I just played Hl2.
Episode 2, strider battle was meh.


All of Xen. The Great Ram Xen Quote™ applies to me more than anyone else… I’ve stopped counting the number of times I either quit the game right after Lambda Core, or said “screw it” and noclipped my way until Nihilanth.