Why mess with the bullsquid eyes?

So I playing my Half Life Remake called Black Mesa (named after the facility from the game), and suddenly there was the infamous squidchicken monster!!! and I was like “oh my god, there they are again in HD after all these years!!” xD

But then I noticed their eyes were messed with; they no longer looked aquatic and alien with eyes on each side of the head. And they now had like, crocodile-perception and could put both eyes on me like a mean angry head with two really well-toned legs. I’m afraid of them now and I don’t like being afraid

Now hear me out, I know this is a bit stark, but I think everyone involved with this decision should die. I’m new to the forums.

  • End the developer’s lives.
  • Just be cool with it.
  • End my own life.

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yeah idk I still think ending my own life is the solution here. But I guess I’ll just be cool with it… if that’s what you guys want.

Try this workshop mod

Oh I use all the mods fam. I use even og footsteps and shit. I switch them on and off depending on what mood I’m in.

This is a joke thread in response to people thinking it’s not okay to criticize things. I think the decision to change bullsquids is totally fine, but the way they did it and for the reasons they did it - it was pretty next level unnecessary. That’s not the point though, I just want people to get on-board with the fact that I think other mods and modders are improving some things that devs have glossed over, and that the devs don’t make all the right decisions all the time. They do such a good job with everything else, is it a harmful thing to say something like that? Games can be improved if they are beta and being tested, no?

Speaking of which, I don’t know if you played it, but I like Xen a lot so far, for instance: it re-imagines rather than remakes. That’s something I wish the mod did more of in the retail release. I find combat and enemy AI is a bit aged for a modern game, same with the 1 voice actor per character type thing. Mods like MMod for HL2 are legit the best way to play those games today because they make the game feel satisfying again by slightly altering all the weapon push, impact sounds, and ragdoll fx of the weapons and enemies. Sometimes I really wish they’d rehaul the game’s combat to be more like MMod, since I’m all for including good ideas into one thing. But lord knows if I made that thread, I’d be banned because about 250 people would take it the wrong way.

I just think there’s always room for improvement, especially over the most basic formula ever: Shoot, kill, next enemy, next area. Examining other mods and modders in the workshop like that one you just mentioned are exactly what I’m trying to say. I think there’s about a dozen mods that should be official at this point because they just pick up the slack the devs can’t afford to spend too much time on right now. That’s what Valve used to do sometimes.