Will blood on hands/weapons make a return?

I remember back in 2018 when I played Black Mesa, if you killed an enemy up close, blood would splatter all over your hands, and if a bullsquid hit you, the acid would also stay on your hands for some time.
This was later removed because of a stutter problem with it I think, but will it ever make a return? It actually made the game a lot more realistic in my eyes. The stutter problem never happened with me and I’m sure some other people, so why not make it an option we can toggle on and off?

To re-enable type cl_mdldetailfx_enable 1 in the console

Thanks, but is there also a way to re-enable picking up gibs? That I also remember was disabled.

In an alternate universe where HECU did not spot you immediately…

If you could Brickbat Headcrabs (show headcrab in your hands on use) and throw them to distract HECU create more stealth diversion gameplay It would be fantastic I think.

But it’s a lot of work I reckon , the mechanics are available in BETA HL2 and it is a working function as a Brickbat but telling the HECU to inspect or be distracted is nowhere in any code no doubt.

Actually if the Gibbing Headcrabs were in the game this feature would persuade you to kill one softy now and again so you could use it as an aid to make fights perhaps initially easier with a bit of stealth.

I used to like throwing headcrabs though it was alot of fun.