Windows 10 and Source Games


Heya, so I updated to windows 10 with the free update Microsoft let out and now none of my source games run correctly. Particularly Day of Defeat Source in this instance, I cannot open any servers at all and it simply crashes and freezes the screen while I can hear everything going on in the background. Has anyone had this problem on Win10, with any game, and managed to fix it? Everything worked fine before, on 8.1.



I upgraded to windows 10 as well but with no problems although it’s kinda buggy.



I was gonna update this tomorrow but fuck it I’m awake now.

So…turns out my graphics drivers are crashing. Every time I open a game it says the windows 8 graphics drivers have crashed and recovered. Which leads me to believe the laptop may now be a paperweight almost, or that there is some sort of update that went awry.



I’ve heard stories where people have had to uninstall their Windows 8 drivers and then install the updated Windows 10 drivers. Hasn’t happened to me though. What graphics drivers do you use?



It’s a crappy Intel hd integrated graphics card, I’m not sure if that’s the info you’re looking for. It’s all I know off the top of my head tho haha I’ll look later when I’m home if that didn’t answer your question.