Wooden PSU modded component for a project

Hey guys, just though I´d share with you a PSU I did a couple of months ago which in turn is just a small part of a bigger steampunk/post-apoc custom rig project.

As you can see by the pictures it was done using a simplistic wood vinyl (mostly to have a base to start on) with a ton of different age-ing effects which including surface wearing, acrylic paints, a variety of inks and surface burning.

Hope you like it : )

PS: There´s no vynil on the fan, that´s done completely by hand.

I am interested to see what you have planned. Proceed…

I´ll get around to posting the worklog once it´s finished, but here is the current state of the project:

It still has about a month worth of work, loads of detailing and parts missing from it, only reason i took these “presentation” pictures where for the Bit-Tech mod of the month award, which it won :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy shit. Are those rads functional? That looks so sweet. I’m interested in seeing how you plan on connecting the GPU’s to the power supply.

In deed they are sir, I need to make some temp tests but I´m hoping the fact there´s 2 rads plus the whole copper look will allow me to run the liquid cooling system in passive as I think fans on the rads would ruin the look.

Aye, I´m currently working on systems to wire it all up and keep it pretty.

I would love to have one of these babies.

Very steampunk. :slight_smile:

That front picture frame looks a bit overboard to me as of now. Apart from that everything looks really awesome. The piping especially.