Worst breakups.

How do u guys deal with rly bad breakups? i just recently lost a guy i uprooted my entire life for and idk wat 2 do??? i can’t talk to him for 2 weeks so i am writing letters 2 him every day that i do not know if he will ever see and i can’t eat or sleep without having nightmares of him w. some1 else so WAT DO U GUYS DO TO FEEL GOOD AGAIN?M???

Kill yourself, in my experience it works really well for this type of thing.

i tried but i threw up

I believe the convention is to go fuck some other guy.

This is tough then. Have you tried kidnapping him and forcing him to love you again?

that’s my next plan and i don’t want 2 fuck any1 else :frowning: (((((((

In that case, Plan B would be to get a gallon Häagen-Dazs and order “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” from Netflix.

im lactose intolerant and no one lets me use their dang netflix


You could craft an artificial replica of him and just pretend its him for the rest of your life. If it bugs you that there is another him wandering around that doesn’t love you, you could kill the original.

well i was already gonna kill him obvi

What if you get him to love you? Then you don’t need to kill him, although maybe you’d want to do a double suicide so he can’t decide he doesn’t love you again.

Also if none of this works out, cats are very loving. If you get like 20 of them they could replace your boyfriend.

he does he just has too much stuff going on and says i want him to pay too much attention to me? like oops sorry didn’t think wanting to see you one day a week was so goddamn high maintenance you stupid asshole

It’s good to have Fancy Pants back.

i wanted to come back under better circumstances:<

don’t be sad

I bet that Fong still thinks you’re hot

fancy pants, I could’ve sworn on anything that you believe in that I totally expected that will happen to you, the problem is your character, I remember when you made fun of how we look and how horrible our faces are, it’s not about looks, yes people will find you hot? but that’s only it, being bitchy is gonna make you desirable for a short term relationships.

anyways, to answer your question, first you have to ask yourself: did he ever loved me from the start or he was just using me for sex ? “just another bee in the hive”, secondly MOVE ON that’s it, change your attitude and look after your self, and you’ll find yourself wanted again


Never change, man.

A++ shadi.
You sure know how to console someone.

I jerk it more than usual.

Most things spark this reaction.