Would be sweet if you guys could vote for me.

I’m currently entering a competition at indaba music, where the first prize is a trip to NYC to do recording sessions.

I’m currently in 20’th place (out of 2000 entries).
It would be really cool if you guys could have a listen and maybe click the blue button marked “Vote” if you like what you hear.

My Submission


Catchy. Got my vote! Good luck.

Not my line of music but still very catchy. Got a vote from me.

Login with Facebook? Eh.

You’re 10th out of 2071. Neat. Wish you luck!


Very nice tune, I like it. Voted! (Hoping for a download-link in the future) :wink:

oh, it’s downloadable already.
Here :slight_smile:

Voted,as others have stated catchy tune,good luck!

Oooh, silly me. Thanks, and good luck!