XCOM: Enemy Unknown will research new ways to blast aliens in the face

Since this is a board that originates from an old PC game, maybe some of you have heard or even played of X-Com: Ufo Defense (or UFO: Enemy Unknown to those in Europe) that came out in 1993. And if you didn’t, I can’t suggest strongly that you spend the $5 on Steam and do so now.

But if you have have played that, or are interested in ordering around alien elimination operatives through a turn based battlefield in the tradition of that game then let me tell you about X-Com: Enemy Unknown.

The game has 2 different phases, the strategic base phase where you decide what your main base should be doing in regards to training your soldiers, researching new tech, and creating new equipment with the limited funds you have. These funds are determined by the 16 nations that fund the X-Com project and if 8 of those countries withdraw for any reason, the game is over and the Earth is left to the not so tender mercies of the alien hordes.

You defeat those aliens by sending your squad of 4-6 into various missions that range from investigating downed ships and coming to the rescue of civilians, to escort missions and raiding alien bases. You have 4 classes to choose from: Assault, Heavy, Sniper, and Support as well as the ability to research and build SHIVs (Super Heavy Infantry Vehicles) that act as drones and can be customized to include the ability to provide cover or hover.

The original game was most notorious for it’s difficulty and the choices given to the player in how their base and troops were ordered. XCOM: Enemy Unknown continues this tradition with deadly enemies and a difficulty setting described as Impossible. (Go to http://www.twitch.tv/2k/b/330728983 and skip ahead to 2hours 47minutes ahead to see)

I just really want this game to sell well since I want to show developers that we want more games like this.