Xen 2.0 and prop models.

nice looking, great job Brian :slight_smile:
question - will I be able to interact with some of these showed pieces of Xen flora? (I apologize if the question is not ontopic)

I see that and obviously the velocity’s comments were inappropriate but I get a strong hostile feeling from the devs. I mean people have to apologize when they ask something or say something in fear of being banned for going out of topic. Its not like these threads get an insane amount or reply’s to keep up with.

Solution’s simple; talk about the thread content. If you wish to talk about stuff not in the thread, go to a different thread or make one.

Getting pestered about unrelated stuff is a hassle and kind of a spit in the face (“I know you just showed X but can you show Y instead”), and they’re not really into putting up with it. Derailment in the “official” threads is very looked down upon. Speaking of which…

It is annoying to have to read through a thread with nothing but requests that are off topic and and questions that have nothing to do with the content of the thread. Also people seem to think that we should change something based on x (when x is their personal peeve etc). It got so bad before that I locked most threads and temp banned people for not following the rules, or the other option was to stop doing these blogs about props. Just look at the steam forums, people are too lazy to read stickies or do a search. I don’t want to waste a lot of time re-answering derailed threads. If we interact with people they think it is a license to ask whatever questions they want anywhere they want. There are specific threads to do that. That is why there are very narrow rules regarding how these threads work. If you have read all 15 or so threads you would understand what I’m talking about.

In regards to interacting with Xen props, other than 1 or 2 instances you can’t interact with then they are static or animated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

These are awesome! I can’t wait to see more!

Question: I know you said their textures are place holders but will those trees with the orange leaves glow? Cause it would be pretty sweet to walk through a swamp filled with glowing trees and whatnot.

There are issues with alpha on cards (or model parts) and having them light up. We had the programmers work on it but the result wasn’t something that we were really happy with. The textures for pretty much everything in the swamp are done, I just finished a massive 2nd pass on it, there should be some media released soon ish.

The new Xen or what we’ve seen of it gives me Avatar vibes. Not that that’s a negative thing, Pandora had a very ethereal and surrealist thing goin’ on. But i’ll admit it makes me think more of where the Vortigaunt race originates from.

We have only teased 2 areas there is a big variety between the different maps.

So we are going to have some……good news about the progress of Xen recently?

Xen was actually released a year ago; we’ve all just been participating in a massive conspiracy to keep everyone who posted annoying when-Xen posts from learning about it.

^ gasp shocked in awe

Conspiracy = Crowbar Collective are using Valve assets as influence for the remastered borderworld.

Blog Rules. Please follow them.
Blog rules.

XEN has been out for ages. Just go to the Betas tab in the game properties, and for “password betas” type in “Will gordon have a helmet in Black Mesa?” to gain instant access to it’s glory.

We weren’t supposed to tell people who ask for Xen, but I got so tired of it that I decided to spill the beans.

The last few posts earned warnings. You guys know better. Thread locked.

can you to make a model of the Big island That where is the teleport for nihilanth