Xen bugs and loads in Gonarch's chapter


Bad collision on loads of models. Makes no sense that a couple of tree branches blocks everything including bullets.

Misleading collision on this floor. The whole area below can be destroyed by grenades anyway like video below:

There’s a really big invisible wall that stretches far beyond the vines.

No collision in this prop.

Props have a really big collision box.


Water is extremely bad in some parts of the chapters

Seen in these videos is the itchy bugging out AND the fact that actual water is far below the “water” texture. Being underwater has no effects which means it’s like you’re just floating. It’s very empty the entire thing.

More of the same. Same map too IIRC.

Buggy waterfall effects from certain angles.

AI can glitch out in some areas or can’t reach you.

Gonarch gets stuck and gets stuck in a static animation.

Enemies can’t get to you here.

Enemies have a hard time pathing down this crystal thing

Gonarch arrives too early and is even very inactive when finally going down. Additional thing in this video is visual stuff with the purple goo. It is seen through from behind.

Trigger stuff

Destroying these specific bombs triggers a trigger_hurt that instantly kills you even though there is no visual indicator for it. In the 2nd video you can even trigger it after going past the area and then going back.

Gonarch can knock you up too high and have it trigger the smash sequence at the crevice too early, blocking your way to progress and instantly killing you when you try.

It isn’t a good idea to use trigger brushes on these leaves. It just doesn’t work well visually. Why not make the leaves an entity that triggers when landed on?

Out of bounds/skips

No invisible wall for this hole, allowing you to escape the entire map.

Gonarch can knock you to the other side of the arena, making you progress faster and without the gonarch.

Maps need serious culling at bottom of all maps

Hearing the stupid ragdoll sounds so fast when you kill an enemy off the ledge and just seeing them land on the skybox really takes off the atmosphere and kills the whole feeling of being on a floating island.

Misc stuff

Wire twitches a lot.

The area is flickering a lot, it looks like there are maybe 2 models ontop of eachother?

Thank you for playing and reporting your findings. On an announcement not too long ago, the dev team asked that those that wish to report any issues, to do so on the Steam forums or the Discord[discord.gg] channel.