Xen Engine Hotfix and Public Release


Xen Engine Public Release
We have patched the latest version of the Xen Engine and released it to everyone. Please let us know on the Steam forums if you run into any game breaking issues. As we have mentioned before, this is important to test our new features so that the Xen release can be as flawless as possible. We will probably do one more “Engine” release just before we drop Xen, in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly on everyone’s machines. We want the Xen release to be as close to a simple content release as possible! Here is what is in the latest patch:

April Patch List

  • Fixed screen freezes / crashes on Radeon RX 3XX 4XX 5xx cards!
  • Fixed most dynamic shadows flickering and improved the overall quality and performance
  • Fixed most dynamic lights flickering on lower quality levels Nvidia GPUs (and some AMD GPUs)
  • CSM quality and perf improvements
  • Fixed CSM not working on some AMD cards
  • Fixed decals flickering in some maps
  • Fixed full screen blur when using dynamic light godrays
  • Fixed zombie headshots with the crossbow. Now when you headshot a zombie using the crossbow, they will no longer spawn a live headcrab
  • Fixed assault points for Houndeyes
  • Added texture scrolling for dynamic light cookie textures
  • Fixed tilemap animation bug in light cookie textures
  • Fixed rim lighting not working with old light entities
  • Fixed Phong/skin shader specular not working on static props
  • Flashlight intensity and range increased
  • Settings optimization for new deferred lighting and shadows

December Patch Notes

Known Issues
Flashlight Doesn’t Have Shadows
We have a more advanced plan for the flashlight in the works. This will be deployed at a later date.

Haloing Around Props/Object
MSAA is causing outlines around certain objects. MSSA is a performance killer and we hope to have a better solution for anti-aliasing with the Xen release. To remove the haloing/outline, simply turn off MSAA.

Dynamic Shadows Flickering On Moving Dynamic Lights
These should be completely fixed, but if you DO get them try:
Try running the game in windowed borderless mode.
Try turning off Vsync, lowering your overall settings, or turning off dynamic shadows entirely.

Stencil Shadows
We have removed the old Source stencil shadows. This helps performance and fixes the double shadows that happen in outside environments where CSM is used. We plan on using new dynamic lights to get more realistic shadows in key interior sections.

Always Run
Always run has an issue where after every map load you have to press “shift” for it to work. We will be fixing this for Xen.

Outlines Around Weapons
If you move the screen fast in areas using dynamic lights, you may see small outlines around your weapon. This is very minimal and is something we will look into fixing.


As there where plenty of leaks in the public beta. hope this is the first on a short road the xen.


WOW! Just saw the update as i opened Steam at 07:00 AM.
3.6GBytes! Cool. Just played for a while to see if new achievements were added (hint: no new achievements) and have to report my first bug!


As you start “FORGET ABOUT FREEMAN”, and you enter the control room with the afro guard, as he finishes talking and says “Let’s do something” the animation that is initiated (where he pulls out his handgun) is buggy.

Nice to know we’re on the last steps of putting XEN out!


Add no shadows when using flare to the to-do list aswell :wink:


What the heck?? Just downloaded a 26.5MB update. Is that the second (and last) engine update before XEN? Are we moving THAT fast to the XEN release?

Or am i getting too hyped? Do we have the list of fixes for this small update?


It was a bugfix.

[BMS] Adam-Bomb [developer] said

We pushed an update that:

Fixed the tentacles in Blast Pit
Fixed some CSM bugs
Invalidated old saves to prevent massive errors



Loot Mesa is real![/size]

This is no coincidence :smiley:

Also, good job on all the latest updates, you’re making me replay the whole game for the 4th time!


Nice. Are the blood/radiation effects on weapons included in this patch? Or is that going to be in a later update?


why is everything so dark? https://imgur.com/oMPOFp9 https://imgur.com/b5Gk488 https://imgur.com/rIdzz1W


They are chasing a couple of issues.



Was playing through some of the latest update and had an odd glitch with a vcr, it tried to fly away.
youtube.com/watch?v=gDjKLFJ … e=youtu.be


I got this problem on Linux with a gtx 1050 ti. Works fine on Windows on the same hardware.


I see that Hammer Editor has been changed to a new version; this is possibly SFM Hammer, right?

In any case, is there any info on new entities and how the new dynamic lighting and all of that works? Us, modders, would really appreciate info regarding our existing projects (i.e. if we need to update, remove or add something or recompile our maps) and what is new regarding the dev tools and such.

Also, when is Faceposer and custom scenes support coming?! And why do Sourcemods no longer work with Black Mesa?! :frowning:


There is a tutorial map in the game by the name tut_nextgen_lights (both vmf/bsp) demonstrating almost all the new features. There are also 1 room test maps test_glight_. testing one feature at a time.

New Entities - newLight_dir, newLight_spot, newLight_point and there are newlight settings entity to help with animating the properties of a light from settings A to B over time or instantly.
Only tricky thing regarding new shade lights with shadows is properly assigning them to Static/Stationary/Dynamic types. Dynamic lights with shadows are most costly of them all and point light uses 6 shadow map slots(you can manage this per face too).

There are bunch of new vrad arguments but I don’t know them all. I will ask our vrad guy to post more details about that.

(I am planning to post more details and screenshots in a forums post or a blog post soon)


So what was today’s update?, i got updates on all the “_dir” files but so far looks like it was just a fix.


Linux Server fix.



I’d like to say, that it’s already have been a month since this update, and none of the lighting issues have been fixed yet. Don’t want to be rude, but could you at least inform fans about what are you doing, rather than hype them up for a xen release, with an update which broke more things than it fixed, and then go silent for more than a month?


See, that’s why people hate guys like RedEye9.
Someone comes politely here talking about how he feels about things handled regarding an update, and he has to dislike. That’s why people hate advocates. They’re always a bit cunty.


That’s just because he has nothing else in his life important enough to care about, so don’t be rude. :smiley:


What happened to the Crossbow model, why was the 3D scope removed?
Also I can sprint while zoomed in and it doesn’t autoreload when out of ammo in the current magazine.

EDIT: I’m recompiling all my maps for the new patch, added some new stuff including the Hev Zombies…
So I just headshot the headcrab of the Hev Zombie with a .357 and well… This happened.

Still walking and attacking.

With a zoom in, I can see that he still has his head left… So, bug or feature? :smiley:
Shooting him in the head spawns another headcrab ragdoll.