Xen Engine Hotfix and Public Release


Latest on Linux, posted 1 hour ago.


aka “sorry but there is a critical bug that we are not able to find, despite being able to tell exactly what it is, but we are sure you will find it guys. Oh and don’t worry about those lighting issues that are happening in all of the maps since 2 months, we’re sure they will fix themselves eventually. See ya in three months, when we post 2 xen screenshots”


You mean the bugs we’ve spent months working on and have constantly been supporting on the Steam forums? The ones which can be easily resolved with a few workarounds that we constantly post on the Steam forums? Those ones?


Yeah I mean those bugs that you are constantly working on, and can be easily fixed with a few workarounds but still have not been fixed since the last lighting update, which happened 2 months ago. Those ones.


Have you considered trying to find and/or perform those workarounds? Thus far, they have worked for everyone else, and the bug is almost always exists in users trying to run the game below our minimum supported spec.


I think he just satirized you guys for neither fixing up “such simple bugs” in the last two months, nor do you gave out something about Xen. Though I don’t want to think like this but……his replies are full of sarcasm…


Another Linux patch ~10 hours ago.


And not just on Linux, there was a Windows patch today as well.

Gee, it’s almost like the devs have actually been doing stuff, and just aren’t pushing their daily changes to the public builds of the game because that would be a waste of their time and our bandwidth when they could just push out a bunch of fixes at once.


a new linux update