You laugh you lose

Yeah, post funny shit. If you laugh, you’re OUT.

Edit: Oh shit a hundred thousand views and nobody has lost yet.

well okay :slight_smile:
Bloody hilarious

So funny when this guy gets dragged down :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Duck

I lost, lmao.

that looks like fun! I wanna play fc2, but my gay account wont sign in, so i gave up

I lost too, to funny!

This one is an animation, so be patient. :3

weve all seen that, its not funny… it was on the old 404 page… man i miss that page… Goodtimes goodtimes

jonas brothers
i died loling

“FUCK YEAH. I’m still ugly as fuck, but I’ve got a hat. FUCK YEAH!”
some funny shit ;]

Those guys suck so much, every time people mention them, I don’t laugh - I cry.

I was playing half-life source and when I got to the part when the elevator falls down right after the resonance cascade, once of the scientist in the elevator goes “Nice to see you Gordon” right before it hits the bottom of the shaft.

Oh shit, embedding

Time to rebuild “You laugh you lose” :frowning:

Fuck, I lost.

This might be gone in the morning when I sober up.

you left out the bortigaunt bit. You totally sounded like a vort.

right… some kind mod should change my title to “Bortigaunt.”