You Laugh, You Lose


(Gorgon Foreman)[/size]


It sure bring back the moment when one user misspell his name and entirely derail the thread, then the moderator had to ban everyone involved with it for a day


I never get to see this stuff when it happens


“Gordon Freeman” is actually code for German Frenulum[sup][1][/sup], but please do not google it.

  1. ^ iPhone autocorrect. Retrieved 2015-05-09.


Telling someone not to google something is like googling it for them without the effort of actually going to lmgtfy.

Also this show is fucking real.



Time to start that again.



you stick your arm up an alien ass, who knows why the fuck it shoots bees


Come on, who has the rest.

EDIT: Turns out we still have the thread. Or, at least, the thread that got reposted after we lost the first thread.

But a lot of the image links have died. Come on, cough 'em up.



Third person shot:


My favorite Ashens bit




I feel like this is basically what the movie is going to boil down to, being two hours of chris pratt’s unhealthy relationship with his pets, with some running and screaming added into the background.





I followed cat-video links until I found one featuring HL2 music.