You Laugh, You Lose




Well, I wasn’t expecting that.



So fucking done

I died.


Th…that’s a fake news site, right?



That’s actually really fascinating.


By fascinating, you are meaning how some countries cultivate their people into being patriotic, or Illogically loyal to madmen, etc and at the western end of things we are just brainwashing the public into believing in such ludicrous and illogical fairy-tales as “gender identity” to the point where certain people are now crushing their own limbs in a desperate attempt to make sense of a tyrannically oppressive way of thinking that was (ironically enough) birthed in the attempt to make people feel better about themselves?


I have no words…

As it stands I wonder if these “activists” can integrate into western society when they finally grow up.


I just can’t even begin to comprehend this. Like, I’m all for gays, trans, asexual’s, bisexual’s, whatever, and I want them to be accepted and such . People should be allowed to display themselves as they want, it’s not hurting anyone unless they’re hurt for WHAT they’re saying. But this? It…it’s wrong. It’s obvious that these people need help, they’re literally crushing their own limbs? That’s sick? That’s just not right at all, and it’s not some “special snowflake I’m unique” thing. It’s way beyond that, the individuals are really sick.


You just said right there that you’re all for gays, trans, asexuals, bisexuals, whatever. It’s not a particularly big leap to get from that to this.

I mean, transwomen will go for surgery to have their penises turned inside out, and you’re fine with that, but not with this? Is body identity only valid if it’s to do with sexuality? Does transsexuality get a pass because sex is icky and you don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole?

That said, I’m not sure whether things like this and like transgenderedness aren’t just a form of dysphoria. If they are, then are two solutions to the problem: change your body to match your mental state, or change your mental state to match your body. Most people (especially people in this thread, apparently) would say that the second solution is the better one, but either solution seems perfectly valid to me.

And if it does end up being mental illness…

…want to know what doesn’t help solve mental illness? Belittling the mentally ill. That goes for (rot) “trans people make me uncomfortable and people shouldn’t be allowed to make me feel uncomfortable” (fodder as well.

One of my favorite parts of being alive is being exposed to stuff like this. Take your discomfort and use it to learn about yourselves and others instead of spurting rage diarrhea all over the audience.

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, is the problem with people suffering phantom limb just that they need to grow up?


No. That is a legitimate disease in some instances (phantom limb).

I’m talking about the kids my age (or around 30-40) that have little to no clue about how the world really works and just want things to be handed to them on a silver platter. In other instances, it may be mental illness or they’re just simply sociopathic (See: 3rd wave feminism). We’re getting into subjective territory and politics that point though.

Keep in mind I come from a vastly different background than you, so my values and such will be far different from yours or even Rot’s for that matter.

… on the subject of people crushing their limbs despite being perfectly healthy because they want to be an amputee or some other such, they need to seek help mental help.

Make no mistake; I don’t have no qualms with gay, trans, or handicapped people. I do have a problem when their ideals are pushed onto other people or me. Why should I have to change to mold to your needs? The only one who can do that is my girlfriend or my inner circle of friends/family. No one else.

The same goes for the extreme right in the US with Religion being a basis for constituting that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Which quite frankly is just plain wrong. In a perfect world Religion and emotion would be put out of the equation and logic would be used in all instances of law making for the better of all people in the respective country, but we’re living beings and emotion will be involved in some form regardless.


Oh look what I’ve done. BRB Making a thread for this, because it looks like we can get some pleasant debate out of this while still acting like adults.

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Getting back to the topic at hand, however,


Back on topic…

I recently finished up a mod for Half-Life called “Black Guard”. The story was okay and the levels looked pretty good, but the dialogue was just hilariously bad.

off, a bit of backstory. You are B. Brad (I assume the first “B” stands for “Barney”, which makes for a pretty goofy-sounding name if you ask me), a “Black Security Officer” (Don’t look at me, I’m just reading what it says in the description) at Black Mesa. His “Personal Status” is “Guard Captain”, and his “Now Work Position” is the incredibly important sounding “Level B Area”.

The mod’s description itself is only the start of the hilarious English used throughout the mod:

"Your are a Black Mesa Research Facility Security Officer. today many accidents have occurred, and you are unsure what to do next. but as things progress and tensions mount you find that he is trying to escape with a dangerous bio he produced in the lower labs. Dr. Eddy hidden the fact that his betrayal of humanity, or using it for some twisted plot does not matter. it is now your goal to track him down and eliminate him. all while trying to escape the black mesa facility.

Dr. Eddy behind the creation of Xen-bio variation the experiment that he hides a xen’s portal, in administrative department discovered dr.eddy xen-area, next Lambda complex anywaydestroy him"


After reading your post I went over to moddb to check it out. Here’s what shows up there:

Modification presentation:
· Single-player campaign with over 2-3 hours of gameplay.
· New story You able explore truth behind.
· Precision mapping.
· Does not contain any bug Unless you doing.
· You’re not alone many of you will have companions that they will stay with you always.
· Are you will find the mapping guy left by easter egg.
· Black guard existence many hidden problems You need solving these puzzles.
· Message alert it could help knows the answer.
· Stories the new wheelbase edition.

Sowndz AwwSum!!!


One of my favorite parts is during the intro: the player is riding down an elevator, when suddenly the lift malfunctions. The player is then able to watch an interchange between a security guard and two maintenance workers who are attempting to restart the lift, in what I can only describe as the best use of stock voice lines ever:

Maintenance worker 1: It’s about to go critical!
Maintenance worker 2: What the hell is going on with our equipment?
Maintenance worker 1: It wasn’t meant to do this in the first place!
Maintenance worker 2: We tried to warn them…
Maintenance worker 1: Why didn’t they listen?
Maintenance worker 2: And, potentially, the most unstable.
Maintenance worker 1: You’ll have to shut down the surgical unit first. This should help.
Maintenance worker 2: …Yes?
Security guard: Open up the reactor complex so we can get down to safety!
Maintenance worker 1: Why are you asking me?
Security guard: So send it already!
The maintenance worker and the guard proceed to fiddle around with some equipment, which somehow restarts the power
Security guard: Get in here! Quick!
Maintenance worker 1: I certainly hope you know what you’re doing…
The maintenance worker proceeds to pound on a tape recorder
Maintenance worker 2: Excellent! Someone has restored full power! We’ll have the engine back up and running in no time!
The lift then falls down the shaft, stopping just in time for you to get off

That’s some quality voice line recycling right there.