You Laugh, You Lose



Erowid Recruiter

This is a Twitter bot that mashes up tech recruiter email spam with people’s descriptions of their drug trips.

“We’re taking a consumer-first approach to the next several minutes”
“// BERK Labs We are cash flow positive and have paranoid thought cycles at night.”
“Goblins, Murgos, Viashinos, Skull Bearers, Trolls, Gnolls, and a team that’s as passionate as you”
“Spiders far too large to be a great fit here at Fitbit.”
“I’m focused on finding smart, entrepreneurial people with strong engineering fundamentals that have become small and reside in fruit bowls”
“The candidate would also possess: A BS in Computer Science or relevant work samples/portfolio along with the power to dissipate into the air”
“I see a desolate wasteland, and a great co-worker.”
“moaning, holding ourselves to quell the inner pain: we are experiencing incredible growth.”




I died.



My Uber welcome email:

Oh boy! I’m going to tell all of my friends about Uber today!

There’s no limit to how much credit I can earn!


Lmaoo mine did something like that to me too



The future of gaming




Let’s at least use the version without the bleeps


Here, have a direct transcript from the court itself.


Yeah but Justin Roiland screaming at himself is more entertaining


Transcript or not, it’s still hilarious to watch/read.





Troll level: expert


I have not laughed this hard in a long time. My god.