You Laugh, You Lose


This guy should get payed by EA to voice the Battlefield games.


Best voice chat ever. He sounds like an actual IW character.


I can’t believe people were considering muting him.

Yankee oscar lima oscar.


I am ashamed to admit that there were large portions of that that went over my head, but the gusto that he offered just kept me lol irl.



I don’t know what’s funnier.

The prank or his laughter.


That video sent me onto a tangent of auto-fail videos… which eventually made me look something up on Wikipedia. Long story short, if the internet were a neighborhood, I found where I would live. :smiley:

edit: holy sh**! I just learned that high g-forces on track conditions have the potential of causing oil starvation to the engine. What a wacky casualty that is, not the kind of thing I’d have planned for until seeing it happen.



I raise you one pissed off cat.



A third one of these was made:

The train at 1:35 had me laughing my ass off.


I like the merchandise at the end.



Not for the faint of heart, the thread that is and not the book.


Poor guy. He made that book out of love for the story,
and people just bashed the shit out of it.


Well, I mean, he is acting like a petulant child too, so. And I tried reading it and… Well. It’s your typical fan fic. Not all that great, not awful, but definitely some fans wet dream interpretation.



I need this for some reason.


Oh god. I’m crying.

Last week we covered the story of a formal Police investigation being launched over the alleged hate crime that recently occurred at Boston College. A crime that was nothing more than the placement of a single poster on campus with the words “Don’t apologize for being white.” Seemingly inspired by this development and the overblown reaction to it. The infamous trolls over at 4chan’s politically incorrect board have just launched a new widespread campaign set to take this poster idea to the next level.

The idea was simple. If a seemingly innocuous message like the one posted at Boston College could cause such a reaction, what would happen if a similar message was far more widely distributed? 4chan decided they wanted to find out, and Operation White was soon hatched. The plan being to print out and post all around every major city possible, a simple flyer featuring only the words “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.”

he operation was launched Halloween night, with the costume excuse offering some level of identity protection to the brave participants. Some ground rules were also put into effect, such as only putting the signs up on public property, as law breaking or vandalism was not desired. Organizers also made it clear that the overall mission was not about hate. Rather it was about creating the most overblown reaction from the SJW Left possible. So that this overreaction would then hopefully be taken negatively by middle of the road political centrists, or as 4chan users tend to refer to them as “normies.”

Websites independent of 4chan have even been created to aid Operation White, including A site which primarily features the below video outlining the as they put it, “battle plan” for the “normie war.”

Some Alt-Left groups have already caught onto the operation however, and counter propaganda efforts are also underway. With some trying to subvert the benign message of the original poster with a more controversial “It’s ok to gas Kykes” variant, in hopes of making /pol/ and the Alt-Right in general look bad. Below is an image of this plan being outlined on a left leaning online discussion hub.

Thus far though, these counter-propaganda efforts haven’t prevented the plan from being put into action. See for yourself in the below collection of online outrage over the signs.

The mainstream press seems to be catching on as well even. Though they seem mystified as to the source of all these posters.

With the campaign now well underway and clearly picking up steam this might go down as one of4chan’s most successful operations. Of course in the end though, it does raise at least one important question. Is it still okay to be White? Because if it is, what exactly is the big deal everyone is getting so upset about to begin with?[/spoiler]


This really, really isn’t that hard.

A message like, “It’s okay to be white,” while true on its face, is one of two things:

  1. A rephrasing of “All Lives Matter.”
  2. Designed to look like a rephrasing of “All Lives Matter” in an attempt to get a rise out of people.

Neither is particularly palatable. In this case it’s the latter.

I’m reading people saying that this campaign was designed to call out people who are being racist against white people and rolling my eyes so hard that I’m falling over backwards.

When you don’t bother to talk to or listen to the people you’re trying to offend, though, I guess it’s no wonder that you end up being so, so wrong.