You Laugh, You Lose


Personally, I’ve started calling myself a Mongol-Chechen mix.


…Is that a fancy word for Caucasian?


TL;DR: A bunch of Navy pilots drew a dick pic in the sky.


Ok there is a saying that I know of “never let the navy get bored” this is why. this isn’t even the worst story I have heard involving them either.

like I once heard of a group that bought a large amount of blowup dolls for the express purpose of tying them together and using them as a raft. … with built in cup holders.


I feel like a raft with cup holders is something you could already just buy on it’s own.


it is, but it wasn’t the point. the point was they where bored, had money, and wanted to see if they could make a raft out of blow up dolls.


Sorry boys I only play REAL video games



I’m gonna leave this here…

TL;DR: Some kid made a smartass remark saying that the Square Root symbol looks like a damned firearm.

Criminal charges will not be filed against a student after allegedly saying a math symbol looked like a gun.

On Tuesday afternoon, Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies investigated an allegation of terrorist threats at Oberlin High School, according to the department’s Facebook page. The investigation revealed that a student was completing a math problem and drew the sign for square root. Deputies say another student made a comment that the symbol looked like a gun and several other students made similar comments. According to investigators, the comment made by the student in question “could” sound like a threat when taken out of context.

Detectives also searched the students home and found no evidence that he possessed or had immediate access to any type of firearm. Investigators say there was no evidence that the student had any intent to commit harm to students or faculty.

“The student used extremely poor judgment in making the comment, but in light of the actual circumstances, there was clearly no evidence to support criminal charges,” stated on the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.
The matter was turned over to the Allen Parish School Board for determination of disciplinary action.[/spoiler]

Yeah, its real - I found the shit in question on the Allen Parish Facebook page. <-- its linked in this article.




Just a reminder, if you ever plan on discussing anything on the internet it needs to start like this.


The ingenuity of modders never ceases to amaze.


I raise you a second one.


this is like three years old but it’s still one of the funniest and most painful videos joel’s ever done




I feel personally targeted by this one, not sure why.


Found a fun new YouTube channel:

The media BBcode doesn’t let me set a time, but I was trying for 11m12s:


That last one though, goodness