Your game ideas.

Yeah, I may get the “this is a place to talk about the mod” thing this time but hear me out.
Simply put, what game ideas have you come up with that you would like to see realized? A old-school type shooter that brings back the fast paced action of yesteryear? A more thoughtful game that deals in things more profound? Or simply a fun little thing to play on your spare time?

Well, I had an idea about a alternative history game (yes, yes I know) that takes place in 2012 in world where neither World Wars happed. Instead, Europe got stuck in the “armed peace” period a lot longer, resulting in vastly different world (the Russian empire hasn’t fallen, Germany is still under, tanks don’t exist or are nowhere near as advanced today, etc).

I have a few, but being someone who wants to go into game design as a career, I’m going to keep them close to my belt.[COLOR=‘Black’] Might be mixing up sayings there.
Though I’d like to see a Fallout 4/similar post apocalyptic game where survival is more of an issue, and where they bring back the damn automatic rifles missing in NV. Though that’s more of a wishlist than an idea.

Well I am currently working on a game project right now called Incognition. It’s a 2D Isometric shooter, and I plan on implementing cover mechanics similar to Gears of war. I’m still working on the story, all I can say is that it’s based in the future and maybe an alternate universe.

I also have plans for another game later, It’s going to be an action/adventure game with a gameplay style similar to Kingdom Hearts. It’s going to be a 3D, cell-shaded, anime-like game. I plan on making each chapter play out like an episode from a T.V. show. Kind of like a mix between Asura’s Wrath, Kingdom Hearts, A few Anime, and some of my special Swagger juice.

Both are being made by a team of one might I add.

I have an idea for an open world vigilante style game, where you play both as the hero and his alter ego. In my mind it’s sort of like mass effect meets batman.

Course nailing that two character mechanic would be pretty tough.

make the combat like black rock shooter and you can have my money.

No you won’t, because this is not the place to talk about the mod.

A more polished and in depth Alpha Protocol perhaps. You have a dedicated button to initiate conversations and you can talk with every single NPC in the game and they all have unique dialogue and personality. Doing things changes how they think towards you. For instance, a mission has a hostage situation in some area. You can walk straight through the front door and talk with the captors. You can sneak into the building and try to take all the captors out. If you get caught while trying to be stealthy you can try to talk to the person/people who found you either to try and persuade them not to sound the alarm or to lower their guard and then you shoot them. It would be incredibly difficult to pull off but if it was done right it could be a fantastic game.

We don’t talk about dem urban legends ‘round these parts. Now I advise you edit that posty thing o’ yours an make it dissaper’ befor you dissaper’.

a survival/mystery RPG in space that focuses on atmosphere, where the antagonist is a rouge AI that escaped earth and started a controlled evolution experiment that got out of hand, and the frightening story is revealed to the player through log files, people as they die, security cameras, etc.


How about a terminator style dayz mod.

Where the machines hunt you and you can either run or group up and fight them back.

^There’s actually a procedurally generated open world game where you’re hunted by robots called “Sir, You are Being Hunted” I think is the name.

Ya, I just took a look and from what I saw the procedurally generated maps are pretty good. Thanks for sharing that.

An open world Zombie survival game in a medieval setting, like DayZ + Mount & Blade
Maybe an alternate history which the Black Plague turns people to zombies infecting all around Europe and vastly reducing former civilizations. Perhaps there are still factions of surviving kingdoms, a brotherhood sworn to protect survivors, a Teutonic Order like Holy order sworn to purge the land of the dead, bandits, mercenaries, a cult that worships the zombies, etc. But keep the magical necromancy and witches stuff to a minimal for realism’s sake

Hobo simulator.

You start of with nothing but a filthy jacket and an old hat, then you work your way up by doing odd jobs, begging for money, learning to play instruments, etc. As you progress you’ll spend money to upgrade your little hobo-den, getting a more comfortable place to sleep, some tables, chairs, maybe even a door. You win by managing to find a stable job and buying an appartment.

The gameplay would be kinda Heroes of Might and Magic in regards to the den, but from a close up third person perspective in either sidescroller or over-the-shoulder as you wander about the streets.

Yeah, I came up with this idea when I was 11.


Y’all are risking idea snatchery by discussing this stuff in this environment. You know how many 15 and 24 year old greaseballs are reading this shit and copying it down into their MLP composition books?

Two words:

Pokemon MMORPG

A game called Fuck Shit Up

You’re a viking, and you got teleported from your own timeline to the present day, and your job is to fuck shit up. You’re in a multi million city, everything is destructible, you can kill anyone, or yell so hard at them that they transform into a viking and fuck shit up with you. You can drive motorcycles and mount huge ass axes on them and do a head-cutting driveby or jump on a helicopter, and launch rockets at nearby buildings. The game ends when either you have leveled the city or the entire population has turned into Vikings

also fucking beautiful viking women that run around naked and FUCK SHIT UP IN A EVEN BIGGER SCALE

Fuck Shit Up, coming to a store near you in the near future

Your avatar is giving me a boner, Savant.

Also, I discovered the original facepunch thread with that idea, so I’m going to use that as blackmail material to extort you of all your money.

That could also be my game idea, a Blackmail Simulator, where you find out rich people’s dirty secrets and use that to force them to give you money.

of course i stole the idea, i never have original ideas