Your game ideas.


That’s why I haven’t post my idea yet, I keep it secret.


A modification of one of the Total Wars, which is set in Half Life Universe, starting off after the 7 hour war. You chose either to be the Combine, and try to manipulate people so that they don’t riot and don’t notice as you take away Earth’s resources or the Rebels, trying your hardest to survive outside and inside the cities. Each city has a small rebel garrison that can be managed and can be used to capture each city by small sectors. The battles itself would be fought similarly as to original Total Wars but on a smaller scale and with more advanced weapons. While Combine’s weapons depend on the manufacture, Rebels’ depends on how much they can steal, therefore attacking strategic buildings may be of greater importance then attacking anywhere at random. The campaign would obviously be long, with around 20-30 cities to take over along with the country side. There’d be the global map and city map.


I at the moment cant make something like this, i dont know anything about making games but i was thinking an MMO where one team is spy/stealth based and the other team is soldiers, basically like splinter cell pandora tomorrow multiplayer, as for graphics, not too simple but it should support a wide range of computers, with OPTIONAL cel shading, not many games make that optional but i think its nice for people who want realism more than cartoonish, with lighting being a main mechanic along with looking beautiful at the same time, like even small things like light shafts in case someone walks in front of a light where the shadow isnt noticeable but its obvious they are there (only in foggy areas to make it not impossible)


do you know how many of those people will SUCCESSFULLY make the game, i dont think we have another stides who will manage to make every single one of these ideas in under a week and still manage to improve upon them


Oh god, haha. We need to team up and make this game.


Black screen with white writing
This summer…
fades and another one appears
… A project started by Black Mesa Forum’s extremely weird community…
again, fades
… Will blow your mind…
and again
As you try to survive…
lots of in-game footage with rock music in background, explosions and other shit
mental voice


now i wish the forums had a like button


Another one I thought would be cool would be a open world sand box game that transitions to a RTS/worldbulding set the same world. One that doest suck mind you. You be able to transition between the two types whenever you want.


Crimson Skies meets Red Alert?


an mmorpg that didn’t suck - that doesn’t get the nerf treatment so every can play - thats as involved as SAO. - kind of like what vanilla wow was. then it sucked.

you know what just make SAO and i’d be happy.


There’s an open world-ish multiplayer war game where some people are “generals” and play the game as a top down rts while others are told where to go and fight on the ground like an FPS. Heroes and Generals I think it’s called. It was pretty unplayable when I tried it though (it was in alpha), not sure how it is now.


A combination between Crusader Kings and Medieval Total war would be amazing


Sword Art Online you said?


Modern Warfare with elves and dwarves and minotaurs and shit. Cept not Shadowrun. Like, desert operations with magic and real guns.


I was thinking more of a semi-slow paced simplistic RPG style, relatively or completely plotless beyond the basic premise, building mostly on upgrades. Because I fucking love upgrades. Of course it could always evolve, though.

Also, slow reply, sorry.


Leading a fully upgraded hobo army from a fully upgraded hobo fort against the police could be fun


Enchanted AK-47 with self guided bullets?

Sounds fine with me, just that isn’t like Modern Warfare - Quake mechanics would fit better


Self Guided bullets? Throwing weapons are already like that in CoDs, so there is no need.


Then dragons with cannons on the side and you have a AD-130. Also, instead of flash grenades you get fairy seeds. Oh, and instead of tanks, fucking minotaurs with cannons mounted on 'em.


flasbangs are naked viking chicks with high density boobies which explode and render you blind and deaf for a short period of time