Your game ideas.


I just want to make a first person shooter in a modern graphical engine with modern ai and shit that doesn’t drag me by my ear through all its linear as fuck levels. Something along the lines of Doom 1/2 level layout.


I like Dr. Maxwell’s idea, it does have potential. It would be cool if after you played a character, or after you saw a disaster, you could choose them in a NG+. Also, if there is voice acting, don’t ask Bethesda where to get voice actors for hundreds of characters :fffuuu:

I just noticed your name isn’t pink anymore. This needs to be fixed. Now!



It would also be really cool if you had the option to record the events of your play-through and play as someone else during that campaign. Not reasonably possible withing the next few years, but still exhilarating to think about.


A scientist that runs around with a crowbar and kills aliens. GREATEST IDEA EVER!!! Valve should totally use this.


I always wanted to make some kind of first-person game based around the idea of super realistic and fluid character movement, as in you would move your character’s body more realistically than the normal mouse and keyboard set up allows for. I’m not sure what the actual game would really be though, but it would have lots of hand-to-hand combat like Riddick, probably.


I’d like to see a game where EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY you kill has an effect on the story, the effects don’t have to be too huge, but it would be kind of funny if a the mother of a rat you kill in the first part of the game comes back as the final boss, and makes the game uber difficult.


Id like to see more stylistic games, today’s art design is terribly boring. A few older games had really great innovative art, Oddworld, Medievil, SkullMonkeys.

Slightly less creative, but still awesome art direction, Spyro 1, Crash Bandicoot, Worms Armageddon.


I want to make a Bethesda-scale open-world game based in a steampunk alpine lake setting. In the main quest, you play the role of a law officer tracking a dangerous fugitive. Exactly what the fugitive is on the run from, who was involved (witnesses/victims/accomplices), and what sort of trail of chaos he/she wreaks across the game world in his/her attempt to avoid capture are drawn at random at the beginning of each game from a large library of possibilities, so that the main quest is different each time you play.

The game world would be inhabited by its own unique menagerie of punk-fantasy themed creatures and factions, and you’d have at your disposal a combination of state-of-the-art steampunk tech and sorcery (called “worldsong,” a term borrowed from a really mediocre steampunk novel I read once).


You cannot comprehend Kamikal’s game true form.


I had a game idea once a while back, MMORPG. I started to work out the kinks but it started to become a bigger project than I was anticipating.
Basics were you started as one of 2 classes of any race you wanted in the game. Each race had a different fighting style for both of the classes, but mathematically no race was better than any other. It was all Aesthetic.
The two classes were Magic, and Melee, and as you leveled up your class could evolve in several different ways. no limit. It makes finding your own style of fighting easier and warrents playing the way you want, not cookie cutter.

The game plays out through quests that tell a story, each time you play the story dynamically changes along with the quest as the players evolve the world. My idea was to keep it updating all the time based on what majority of the players did. Like if they let a certain character die 70% of the time, then after a certain amount of time, (like a month) I’d remove that character from gameplay and any quest line he or she may have had in the next update would be gone for good.

Pvp wise there would be 6 different factions for the players to choose from. Each with their own political power, their own allies, and their own enemies, and they would fight over land to gain economic power. But the more land they grabbed the farther apart their forces spread making it easier for the other factions to push back and regrab the land lost. Making it impossible to wipe out a faction mechanic wise. Story wise each headquarters of the seperate factions are heavily guarded and hard to stamp out. You can change factions at any time through a series of quests, and once done if you want to go back to your old one or change to a different one. same quest series for a different faction. meant to be long and difficult to prevent the want to switch by those who always want to be in the strongest faction.

Haven’t worked out more than that, decided to take it and turn it into a story itself, which is actually getting worked out more than I ever did for the game.


sounds an lot like EVE online…