Your Steam Greenlight Picks

Steam Greenlight is an endevour made by valve to let the steam community sort out what games that are not on steam to become on steam.

So to sort out the gems from the crap, I want you guys to choose what games you like the most and post them here.

Ill start with my own list.

Project Zomboid
Slenderman:The Orphanage
Folk Tale
The Intruder
Organ Trail: Director’s Cut


Here are mine :]
Kinetic Void
Blockade Runner
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Legend of the Knightwasher
Dino Run SE
A Hat in Time

There are a few more I like the look of, but I don’t wanna post too many


This thread needs bumped up, given its usefulness. But I do have a pick; It’s called “Routine” and it’s survival-horror game set on the moon:


Looked at it, liked it, voted for it.

C’mon people don’t make me sort through the minecraft clones and I-phone crap.

I know theres a developer in that list thats going to push out something truly awesome.


Green light is a disaster atm



It’s a Source mod, but that shouldn’t keep it from gaining ground. It’s a futuristic tactical FPS that runs along the same veins of Counter Strike, but feels more like Blacklight.


Black Mesa
No More Room In Hell
Slender: Source


Black Mesa
Slender: Source


Black Mesa, Routine, and Receiver. That Kenshi one seems pretty cool too so I’ll probably vote for it at some point.


Try the demo see if you like it.


I think BlackMesa is a given at this point in time, so we should be focusing on other projects in this thread.

Slender: Source is also looking pretty cool at the moment as the original freaked me out.


I second the Intruder. A really cool premise.


Broforce (think Contra meets “The expendables”)
Postal 2 (Trust me, this game is better than its successor and the Postal Movie)
8-Bit Commando (Final Fight meets Contra)
Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Really enjoyed the first one)
Incredipede (World of goo meets a stripped-down spore creature editor)


Well, here is my list… xD

Black Mesa - No shit huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Stanley Parable: HD Remix - I’m really expecting this :smiley:

Slender: Source

No More Room in Hell

Cry of Fear


heroes and generals - looking forward to this, been missing a nice ww2 shooter.


Every game I am interested in that I’ve seen on Greenlight has already made it through.

To be clear, that was four, three of which are free mods.

EDIT: Nope, thanks AmericoOnlyDeagle!
The Stanley Parable: HD Remix


Stanley Parable (The description, however vague it was, has me intrigued)
Mutant Mudds (while I am wholly against porting handheld games [This one being 3DSware] to PC [Emulations aside], The lead Developer has responded to my criticism respectfully which has gained my vote)
Blockland (I feel this title could stand to benefit from becoming available on steam)
DLC Quest (Played it on XBL, Its a fun little game)
Slender: Source (I’m not big into the whole Slenderman mythos, but I’m interested to see how they make this work on the Source Engine)