Zoomed Permanently from Unforeseen Consequences

Occasionally, in the Test Chamber, I noted that the suit would zoom in by itself (usually exiting the Esc menu). Fixable by quickload.
I then completed the insertion, and the suit zoomed in by itself upon getting to the Bullsquid Pond. Fixed by itself.
Then when the “Unforeseen Consequences” chapter title came up, Gordon stands up, and the screen immediately went to zoom. I tried hitting every button I could, but nothing is fixing it. Save/Load remains in zoomed mode, and reloading to chapter heading brings me back to the part when Gordon stands up, and auto-zooms again.

I am using Dvorak keyboard layout, and I remapped “Suit Zoom,” so I don’t know if that has done something bad on the back end, or if it’s a graphics issue.

Graphics issue.
Updated driver to an experimental release, and it worked fine.